David L. Hildebrand, Ph.D., Philosophy

Article Kimball on Whitehead on Perception

"Kimball on Whitehead on Perception." Process Studies 22:1 (Winter 1993) A response to Robert H. Kimball's charge (which may be found here) that A. N. Whitehead's account of perception is incoherent. Kimball argued that Whitehead's account failed to reconcile two traditional theories of perception: phenomenological (sense-data) theory and causal (physiological) theory. I argue that Kimball's charge results from a misguided attempt to place Whitehead's theory within the parameters of a debate between two traditional theories. Instead, Whitehead supersedes that debate by offering-via the explanatory notions "perception in the mode of causal efficacy" and "perception in the mode of presentational immediacy"-a more comprehensive picture.


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